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Together We Can Change The World

Love a Life’s outreaches help provide food, clothing, housing, education, awareness, and training resources to individuals who are in need. Love a Life networks with public agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations, foundations and individuals from around the world to reach the needy, help meet their most basic needs, and promote the public safety of children and vulnerable adults.

Our Mission

Love a Life strives to help solve homelessness, crime, drugs, moral decay and poverty epidemics that exist in our nation’s cities. The vision of Love a Life is to see thousands of hurting people come to know a new life through the loving efforts of our staff, volunteers, and recently rehabilitated individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed with the help of Love a Life.

Bringing Smiles

Love a Life is a non-profit outreach dedicated to protecting children, vulnerable adults, and helping those in need. Our organization provides hope and love by meeting tangible needs and bringing awareness to the public.

Across All Humankind

We aim to reach thousands of hurting and needy children, families, and adults across all races and cultures each year.

Care & Compassion

We help provide food, clothing, life rehabilitation, education, and job training resources through our several programs and outreaches.

Latest Causes

Love a Life, works to meet the needs of those in our community through various causes and projects, in which you can always take part. Feel free to learn about them below or browse our website for more information.